discovery call

The purpose of this complimentary phone consultation is to get acquainted with the prospective client(s).  This meeting allows us to better understand the needs and concerns of the client(s) thereby maximizing the impact of the services to be rendered.


Your Money Matters, so make your money matter and work for you!  This individual financial coaching service is unique in that we do not use a “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” approach with our clients.  Instead, personalized best practices for obtaining financial freedom are prayerfully crafted for each client.  These customized coaching sessions cover topics such as banking, budgeting, credit, debt elimination, decision making, financial abuse, goal setting, investing/retirement, saving, stewardship, and tithing.*

“Nikki’s financial counseling has helped me develop and execute a plan to reach my
financial goals.  She provides biblical based financial counseling to support her advice.
Nikki makes it comfortable and safe to discuss finances by being understanding, supportive
and non-judgmental.  It is her ministry to help others reach their desired financial goals.” 


Financial Literacy Seminars

Our financial literacy seminar packages are specifically tailored for clients, employees, members, partners, and volunteers of businesses, schools, ministries, non-profit organizations, youth groups, and like organizations.  These customized and interactive seminars focus on a variety of personal finance topics including, but not limited to, banking, budgeting, credit, debt elimination, decision making, goal setting, financial abuse, investing/retirement, saving, stewardship, and tithing.  Furthermore, bootstrapping is an additional seminar topic specifically designed for business owners.  Your Money Matters also offers the following customized seminar games: Family Feud, Money Bingo, and Numbers by the Deck.*

“You did an awesome job today in my Consumer Ed class!  The students thoroughly enjoyed
your presentation along with your great, positive personality.  I will definitely be asking you
to visit again to share your knowledge and inspirational story.” 

“Excellent job!  Very fun & interactive!  Nikki related the information to real life very well
and was able to show her personality, make the environment relaxed,
& really draw 
the audience in!”  


Your Money Matters facilitates professional development courses in corporate settings.  These course topics vary but may relate to change, coaching, financial basics, goal setting, performance, results, and like subject matters.*

“She was full of energy and did an excellent job with what could have been a dry topic.
I felt like I learned some basics and that my time was well spent.” 



All public speaking requests will be considered on an individual basis.  These requests may include charitable, civic, and religious organizations, conferences, and the like.  Topics may relate to business, entrepreneurship, passion and purpose, and personal finances.*


*Fees and packages vary; additional fees for mileage and travel accommodations may also apply.